Gaia Rising was an organization focused on:

Restoring and protecting sacred land, vegetation, etc., especially when used in worship, meditation, shamanism with nature spirits, and honoring the Goddess in Nature

Minimizing and overcoming legal barriers to those whose practice is to maintain, restore and/or create complex nature-friendly, organic ecosystems

Assuring that all funds donated or granted are properly accounted for and used efficiently for their intended purposes, with a reasonable minimum of administrative and overhead costs. Associated activities included fund raising, administration, disbursement, publishing, electronic communications, PR, meetings, events, etc.

Its first project was assisting with the situation on Frank Giglio's ravaged land and coordinating its work with other organizations and individuals. In the end, the renewed vegetation on the land was protected. Its second project was helping a Lyndhurst OH resident successful overcome landscaping regulations that threatened a garden that occupied his entire lawn. The third was posting the information that was instrumental in winning these cases at

Currently, Gaia Rising is inactive except for occasionally referring people to the information on the aforementioned website, where it has helped similar win similar cases.


For details about Natural Landscaping, see:

Backyard Habitat,National Wildlife

Books and Videos About Natural Landscaping Available at Defenders' Library


Many (but not all) people who have been helping, share an animistic view of the world, agreeing that:

1. Gods, Goddesses, the Tao, etc. (Deity) manifest in nature immanently (Deity and etc. includes a lot of possibilities, including that which can not be categorized, various concepts of God, and even the Unified Field theorized by some Physicists)

2. Working with the spirits of nature provides opportunities to work with, worship, and experience deity in manifest forms

3. Concerning other levels of Deity, such as singular vs the plural, are a matter of how our minds resonate with the unmanifest.

Animists can work together with deity as manifested in the spirits of nature to heal the Earth, etc., however we may conceptualize and work with other levels of Deity.

If you run into legal problems associated with your religion, go to the links at