A   = Attorney (Licensed in State)
AC = Has Attorney or Other Legal Professional Contact(s) helpful in Earth Religion rights and/or information
AF = e-mail accepts attached files
AR = Artist
B64 = Accepts Base64 encoded files
BIN = Accepts BINHEX encoded files
BOC = Business organization contacts helpful in religious rights and/or information
C___= Clergy, recognized in State of ___
CC = Has Pagan of Pagan Friendly Clergy Contacts)
CMS = Computer Modem Speed _____
CO = Community Outreach
CPA = Certified Public Accountant
D = Digest Compiler
DL = Provides Document Layout
DRN = Deals with reporters and news media
E-400 = Has very fast modem connection
EBO = Experience with business organizations
ECC = Experience in Cybercommunity through e-mail and website Info
EIV = Have been interviewed/filmed by television, radio or newspaper
Env = Environmental Engineer/Analyst
ENP = Experience with non-Pagan religious organizations
EOC = Experience with Outside Contacts in general public, such as civic organizations/clubs, etc.
ERR = Experience with others in Community involved in Earth Religion Rights
ERS = Experience with Earth Religion Rights contacts in several states and/or have a public record of helping Earth Religion Rights situations in several states and private contacts in several states
ES = Emotional Support
F$P = Professional fund-raiser
FR = Fund Raising
GLD = Graphics/logo design
HC = Hospital Chaplain
HFP = Host fundraising parties
HV = Willing to visit hospitals
IFC = Interfaith organization contacts helpful in religious rights and/or information
IP = Interfaith Projects
IRC = has IRC access
J = Journalist/Reporter
KBS = Kilobytes per second modem speed
Lad Legal Advisor to an Earth Rel. Rights Org
LE = Law Enforcement Officer
LEC = Law Enforcement contacts that are helpful in religious rights and/or information
LLL = Lady Liberty League
LPD = Licensed Private Detective
LP = Licensed Professional Psychological Counselor
LT = Trained and Licensed Therapist/Counselor
LS = Law Student
LSW = Trained and certified Social Worker/Family Services Provider
LW = Letter Writer
M = Does or helps with Mailings
MAC_= Macintosh Computer (with System_)
MC = Media Consultant with Extensive Knowledge of Earth Religion issues
MIME= Accepts Mime files
MMC = Mainstream Media outlet contacts helpful in religious rights and/or information (newspapers, magazines. TV and/or radio)
NCA = Does not take child abuse cases
NCC = Does not take child custody cases
NFC = Does not take cases involving felony criminal charges
NHS = Does not take cases outside home state
NKF = Does not take cases involving key factors other than religious discrimination
N__ = Does not take cases involving ___
OLE = Organize Large Events
P = Paralegal
P100= P100 Personal Computer
PAE = Provided Attorneys with educational materials
PC = Personal Computer (IBM Compatible)
PCL = Prison chaplain
PE = Provide Entertainment
PEL = Provides Event Lists
Pent - Pentium Computer
PGP = codes/decodes PGP encryption
PEM = Produced educational materials
PEPR = Educates Earth Religionists on how to protect their rights
Pent = Pentium PC
PET = Provided expert testimony in Earth Religion Legal Cases
PEV = Produced educational videos
PI = Investigated allegations of religious rights Violations
PIEL = Deigns and installs e-mail lists
PLE = Provided Law Enforcement Personnel with Educational Material
PLHO = Legal handfastings in Ohio
PLHX = Legal Handfastings in other states
PLET = Provided Law Enforcement Personnel with in-person, formal training on Earth Religions
PLT = Provided assistance/training to Earth Religion Practitioners on civil rights, legal research
PLW = Initiated or participated in Letter Writing or Telephone campaigns
PMC = Pagan Media outlet contacts helpful in religious rights and/or information
PMS = Provide Meeting Space
POC = Political organization/legislative contacts helpful in religious rights and/or information
PP = Publicity/Promotion
PPE = Provides Public Education on Earth Religions
PR = Printing
PRF = Provides Referrals
PS = Public speaking
PSS = Provide Sound Systems
PV = Prison visitation
PWI = Provides Website Installation & Hosting
PWP = Provides Word Processing
R = Research
RIC = Rumor Investigation/Control
RRA = Experienced Religious Rights Activist
ROPCe = Remove from OPC e-mail list
ROPCS = Remove from OPC Postal mailings
RDL = Remove from directory listings
ROPCU= Do not send e-mails on new OPC developments
SC = Spiritual Counseling
SH = Spiritual Handfastings
SL = Action against Slander of Earth Religions
SM = Supplies/Materials
SR = Other Spiritual Rites of Passage
SSC = Has professional social service contacts helpful in religious rights and/or information
TEDM= Trained and Experienced Dispute Mediator
TDP = Trained and Documented Psychic Counselor.
TR = Treasurer
TT = Telephone Tree Organizing
U18 = Under age 18
UUE = Accepts UU encoded files
WA = Has Web Access
WL = Workshops/Lectures
WPD = WebPage design
WS = Full Access to a Web Server
W31 =Windows 3.1 W95 =Womdows95 W98 =Windows 98
Zip = Can zip and unzip files


AMER - Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions
CAWP - Canton Area Wiccans/Pagans
CIODF - Church of Iron Oak Defense Fund
COG - Covenant of the Goddess
CRL- Church of Radiant Light
CSO - Church of Spiral Oak
ERAA - Earth Religion Assistance Association
ERAL - Earth Religion Assistance List
ERLAN - Earth Religion Legal Assistance Network
GR - Gaia Rising
KNC - Kent Neopagan Coalition-P
LLL - Lady Liberty League
MPN - Military Pagan Network
NEOPNC- Northeast Ohio Pagan Networking Circle
OCRT - Ontario Consultants for Religious Tolerance
OFC = Our Freedom Coalition
OPC = Ohio Pagan Confederation
PAL - Pagan Awareness League
PCCO - Pagan Community Council of Ohio
PEN - Pagan Educational Network
PILC - Public Interest Law Collective
POWER - Protective Order of Witches and Earth Religions
PULC - Progressive Universal Life church
QPN - Queer Pagan Network
SEA - Sacred Earth Alliance
TCP - The CommonWealth Pagan
ULC - Universal Life Church
UU -Unitarian Universalist
WADL - Witches Anti Discrimination Lobby
WARD - Witches Against Religious Discrimination
WPN - World Pagan Network


B	= Board Member
BT = Board of Trustees CS = Circle Sanctuary
LA = Legal Advisor
M = Moderator
P = President
RD = Regional Director
S = Secretary
SC = Steering Committee
TR = Treasurer
VP = Vice President