Many Pagans, mystics, and other Earth Religionists have suffered job, housing, and other discrimination because of misrepresentation and prejudice concerning their beliefs and practices. Some have lost custody of their children, suffered police harassment, vandalism, unfair zoning, etc. Most Earth Religionists keep their religion secret because they fear reprisals. Fortunately, our attorneys, activists and organizations have been networking; our communities and activities have been growing; and we have the power and information needed to win against discrimination. What it takes is communications (so that those who need help know where to find it, etc.), and the will and effort to get the job done.

At the National Level, an alliance (called the Sacred Earth Alliance) formed between major Earth Religion Rights and information leagues (ERLAN, ERAA, CLA, CRF, DL, LLL, NRADG, PACT, PEN, PILG, RLLN, TCP, TWV, UFP, WARD, WPN, etc.). We now call upon our combined membership, and other Earth Religion Rights activists, to get to know each other and organize at the local and state level, get the word out on where people can find help, join in national networking with others who share your interests, and pool and share our information resources. By working together, and forming alliances with others who share our goals, we can and will succeed.

You will find a combined directory of public Earth Religion Rights contacts, sorted by State and Zip Code at http://www.erlan.org/directory.htm. Please copy this directory and distribute it to Earth Religionist organizations, publications, stores, covens, groves, etc., and encourage further distribution, so people facing discrimination will know where to find help. A version in MS Word or PDF format, set up for efficient printing, is can be obtained by contacting Larry Cornett at lcornett@en.com.

Also, contact the people listed in your vicinity and in your state, get to know what each other does, and build the type of networking and organizations needed at the grass roots level to take effective action when our people are facing religious discrimination or our beliefs are slandered. We also encourage you to find locally licensed attorneys to work with and to build working relationships with the ACLU and other such organizations in your state that may be able to help from time to time.

All public contacts listed in the directory in June 1999 were sent a draft of the Combined Directory of Public information on Earth Religion Rights contacts at that time, and asked to provide corrections. Many did. Some addresses and positions in organizations have changed since then. Although we have endeavored to keep the directory up to date by processing information sent to us, much of our information is incomplete.

Another major distribution and updating of the directory is being planned, along with,eventually, a much more robust database. If you are an Earth Religion Rights activist and the information in the directory about you is inaccurate, incomplete or missing, please send excactly how you would like to be listed to Larry Cornett at lcornett@en.com. Please try to format your listing in a manner similar to the other contacts listed. A sentence or two describing pertinent skills, lincenses, or contacts that you have (such as Pagan-Friendly attorneys licensed in your state) would be especially appreciated.

If you are on-line, please consider joining e-mail lists addressing topics with which you are involved, including:

* ERAL, an e-mail list focused on fighting religious discrimination using the law and making pertinent information available to other activists. For details, see: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ERAL/

* AREN (formerly WADL), WARD, PACT, and some other organizations also have mailing lists that deal with all of the above issues. Subscriptions are available through http://aren.org/elist.html

We are also asking you to help establish statewide Legal Archives, and to also send information that may be helpful to cases (especially evidence
and arguments that have won cases and legal records) to Wren Walker (Wren@witchvox.com), of the Witches Voice, who is establishing a national archive:
Wren Walker
P.O. Box 4924
Clearwater, FL 33758-4924

News of some cases and concerns is available on the Internet at Lady Liberty League News On-line (http://www.circlesanctuary.org/liberty/index.htm) and at the Witches Voice website (http://www.witchvox.com/)

LLL publishes an email newsletter on religious freedom issues (LLL News) -- subscribe by emailing: circle@mhtc.net with LLL NEWS Subscribe in the subject line. Both LLL News and the in-print LLL Report published quarterly in CIRCLE Magazine are being archived on-line at the LLL website (http://www.circlesanctuary.org). Send news reports to both to circle@mhtc.net with LLL NEWS item in the subject line.

We have also enclosed a general summary of Earth Religion Rights organizations to give you an overview of the national groups in existence. It is on the web at: http://www.erlan.org/erro.htm

In addition, a list of websites containing useful information on various topics pertinent to the fight for earth religion rights is enclosed. Updated versions will appear on the web at http://www.erlan.org/helplink.htm

Those on-line should share the pertinent information that you find on-line with those who are not on line and who need it. In the case of e-mail lists dealing with sensitive information, like ERAL, please respect their rules for confidentiality.

Members of the Sacred Earth Alliance, and others, has been distributing a questionnaire that, when filled out, submitted, and processed, will make it possible for us to create an annotated and expanded version of the directory that shows what the various public contacts (who fill out the questionnaire) actually do and what types of experts (that may not be public) they are connected with, etc. -- along with a Yellow Pages of public contacts, listed by what they do. Such a system could be useful for, among other things, locating experts with specialized skills and information, when needed. A pilot test of this system in Ohio, offline, has generated useful off-line summaries.

Efforts to automate the process and to create an interactive version of the questionnaire that people can fill out on the web, connected to an on-line database and yellow pages, have proven to be more challenging than anticipated. If you can help or accomplish this, please contact Larry at (216) 583-0007 lcornett@en.com

The questionnaire is part of a downloadable PDF file with the Call to Action, a copy of the directory, the article on Earth Religion Rights organizations, and the directory of pertinent on-line guidance, formatted for efficient printing. You can get it by contacting Larry

Please copy the questionnaire, along with the rest of the SEA information (especially the directory) distribute it to other activists that you know who are not in the directory. Please encourage them to fill out the questionnaire, or a briefer description consistent with other listings in the directory, and send it to the address shown, so we can create improved and expanded versions of the directory, including a yellow pages.

Those contacts who are not public but who fill out and submit the questionnaire indicating that certain nformation can be shared with Religions Rights activists only will eventually have this information listed in a private version of the directory to be made available to activists only, by officers of Earth Religion Rights organizations. Assuming you also provide public contact information, the other information on the form (that is not so sensitive) will be included in the public version of the directory and the yellow pages, so that those individuals needing help can contact you directly and will know what type of help you may be able to provide.

Cairril Adaire, Pagan Educational Network info@PaganEdNet.org

Lady Debra
Natural Religion Anti Defamation Group of the Southeastern Pagan Alliance, tylwythteg23@hotmail.com

Lady Cerridwen
Committee of Legal Assistance of the Universal Federation of Pagans, rfcse@hotmail.com

Phyllis Curott, Esq., H.Ps. Circle of Ara, National coordinator -
Religious Liberties Lawyers Network, aradia@mindspring.com

Larry Cornett
Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network, Earth Religions Assistance Association, and Gaia Rising, Lady Liberty League, lcornett@en.com

Rev Dr Mark Fearing
aka Elder Sage Silver RavenSpirit,
HP Temple of the Sacred Fire (TSF)

Selena Fox and Theresa Jones, Lady Liberty League, Circle Sanctuary, circle@mhtc.net

Clare Kelsey
Public interest Law Group cckelseyesq@yahoo.com

Sis. Kaatryn MacMorgan
Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca ladykaat@worldnet.att.net

Khristine Annwn Page & Laura Schmidt
Crescent Magazine and PYRAA (Pagan Youth Religion & Arts Alliance), waxnwane@crescentmagazine.com & pyraa@crescentmagazine.com

Kostya Branwen Sudice
The CommonWealth Pagan

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice, wren@witchvox.com

Chris West
World Pagan Network, Ceile@aol.com

Christine Craft
Witches Against Religious Discrimination, Inc ja@epix.net

(An Alliance of Earth Religions Information & Assistance Leagues)
c/o --Larry Cornett, 2450 W. 6 St, Cleveland OH 44113 (216) 583-0007 lcornett@en.com






Information that can be shared with anyone and included in the next edition of the public version of the Directory of Contacts:

Legal Name: ______________________________________________________

Also known as: ____________________________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________

State: __________________ Zip: ________________

Country: _____________________________________

Phone number: ________________________________

Fax number: __________________________________

e-mail address: ______________________ICQ_________

__WebPage: ____________________________________

I am able to donate ____hrs/month on Earth

Religion Rights work.

__I am under 18 years old.

Affiliations:_______ _______ ________ _______

_______ _______ ________ _______ _______

Information for a private version of the Directory of Contacts to be distributed by leaders of organizations to other activists only (Do not include information Shown Above):

Legal Name: ______________________________________________________

Also known as: ____________________________________________________

Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________

State: __________________ Zip: __________________

Country: ______________________________________

Phone number: _________________________________

Fax number: ___________________________________

e-mail address: _______________________ICQ________

WebPage: ____________________________________

I am able to donate ____hrs/month on Earth

Religion Rights work.

__I am under 18 years old.

Affiliations:_______ _______ ________ _______

_______ _______ ________ _______ _______ For sections 2 and beyond, a simple X should be used to fill in short blanks: __. The longer blanks should be filled in with words.

Information below will be assumed to be available to the general public if you have a public listing, unless otherwise indicated.


__I am an ordained clergyperson/minister in The Church, Temple, Grove, etc. of __________________________ and

recognized In The State of _______________________________. Services that I provide (check all that apply) include:

__Hospital Chaplain

__Hospital Visitation

__Legal Handfastings (In Ohio only)

__Legal Handfastings (Out of state) in _______________________

__Prison Chaplain at ______________

__Prison Visitation

__Spiritual Counseling

__Spiritual Handfastings

__Other Spiritual Rights of Passage 3. WHAT I CAN DO TO HELP (Please Check Box)

__Licensed Attorney in State/Country __________ ___________

__Paralegal __Provide assistance/training on civil rights, legal research

__Law Student

__Law Enforcement Officer, Detective or Agent

__Licensed Private Detective

__Trained & Certified Social Worker/Family Services Provider

__Trained and Certified Professional Psychological Counselor

__Trained and Licensed Therapist/Counselor

__Trained and Documented Psychic Counselor.

__Certified Public Accountant

__Professional Fund-raiser

__Media Consultant (With Extensive Knowledge of Earth

Religion Issues.


__Environmental Engineer/Analyst

__Artist (for letterheads, logos, fliers, etc.)

__Experienced Religious Rights Activist (Please cite references,

projects or campaigns in blanks below.)

__Educates Earth Religionists on how to protect their rights

__Trained and Experienced Dispute Mediator

__Other___________________________________________ __Grant Writer


__Letter Writing



__ Word Processing

__Document Layout

__Graphics/Logo Design __Web Server (full access)

__WebPage Design

__ Provides Website Installation &



__Rumor Investigation/Control


__Community Outreach


__Workshops/ Lectures

__Public Speaking


__Interfaith Projects

__Fund Raising

__Hosting Fundraising parties

__Provide Entertainment

__Provide Event Lists

__Provide Sound Systems

__Provide Meeting space

__Organize large events

__Organize Telephone Tree

__Emotional Support

__Take action against slander of

Earth Religions

In the twenty spaces below, please provide any additional information, other skills or planning/development ideas that you may have._________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ________ _________ ________ _________

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ________ _________ ________ _________ 4. NETWORKING:

I have experience in the following areas:

__ Within my community with others involved in Earth

Religion Rights.

__ Within the cybercommunity through email and website


__ With Earth Religion Rights contacts in several states

and/or have a public record of helping Earth Religion

Rights situations in several states and private contacts in

several states.

__With outside contacts in the general public, such as civic

organizations/clubs, etc.

__With business organizations.

__With non-Pagan religious organizations.

Current Affiliations Organizations and Office/Position (if other than regular membership) -up to 10 words Max:

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ________ _________ ________ _________







    PROFESSIONAL CONTACTS: Sometimes it IS who you know that helps! If you have a professional/private contact who is
willing to assist you in Earth Religion Rights and/or Information activities, please check the box that applies.

__Police Departments/Law Enforcement


__Clergy Contacts

__Social Services related organizations

__Political Organizations/Legislators

__Business Organizations

__Interfaith organizations

__Environmental Analysts


__Trained and Experienced Dispute Mediators

__Pagan media outlets

__Mainstream media outlets, newspapers, magazines,

television and/or radio stations. .

In the 10 spaces below, please list any additional information that you may want to disclose about these contacts. (optional)

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ________ _________ ________ _________ Please send individual Pagan and Pagan friendly contacts a registration form, so they can be listed if they want.


__Produced educational materials (brochures,

newsletters, etc.)

__Produced/ edited educational videos.

__Provided expert testimony in Earth Religion legal cases.

__Provided Attorneys with educational material.

__Have been interviewed/filmed by television, radio or


__Initiated or Participated in Letter Writing/Telephone

Campaigns. __Investigated allegations of religious rights violations

__Provided Law Enforcement Personnel with educational


__Personally provided Law Enforcement Personnel with in-person,

formal training on Earth Religions

__Designs and installs e-mail lists

In the 10 spaces below please provide other information on communications experience, article/film references, etc.

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ________ _________ ________ _________ 7. EXCEPTIONS: I do not assist in cases/issues involving:

__Child custody

__Child abuse. __Felony criminal charges.

__Cases outside my home state.

__Key factors other than

Religious Discrimination

Other _______ ______

______ _______ ______


Computer type (MAC, PC, etc.) :__________________

Processor (Pent 166,etc,)____________

Modem Speed:_____________

Operating System (Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Unix, OS2, System 7, etc,.)________________

Word Processing Software:_________________ Other Pertinent Software:________________________

Can you receive attached files, if they come through with e-mail? __Yes __ No

Do you have encoding/decoding utilities for __Zipped files; __MIME; __UU__BINHEX; __ BASE 64; __PGP

Do you have worldwide Web Access: ___Yes ___No

Do you have IRC : ___Yes ___No


Please send me occasional e-mails informing me of new developments in the Sacred Earth Alliance. Yes___No___

Please remove me from all Sacred Earth Alliance:

__Email __Postal Mailings __Directory Listings.

10. HOW YOU CAN HELP! See enclosed article, and consider becoming a financial supporter

DONATION ENCLOSED:_______ (Optional)

Please make out checks for SEA to Larry Cornett and mail with this questionnaire (or the filled-out Questionnaire only) to Larry Cornett, 2450 W. 6 St, Cleveland OH 44113 (216) 583-0007 lcornett@en.com or contact us for more information. If you update your form in the future, please send a complete form.

Please copy this questionnaire and the Directory of Contacts and give to others who may be interested.